Rosedale Manor Bed and Breakfast

Welcome to Newfoundland!

This heritage waterfront Bed and Breakfast, with private guest dining and sitting areas, also has a pastry chef host. Be prepared for a comfortable restful sleep, elegant surroundings, and gourmet food.

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The Rosedale Manor Bed and Breakfast is a beautiful waterfront heritage home in the historical coastal town of Placentia. Rosedale Manor provides an embracing welcome to the warm hospitality found in Newfoundland.

Placentia Newfoundland

Placentia is a beautiful coastal historic town located on the Avalon Peninsula, on a route called the Cape Shore Tour. Placentia is conveniently close to the Argentia ferry terminal, one of the main links between Nova Scotia and Newfoundland, and only one-and-a-half-hour drive from the airport at St. Johns.

While touring the Avalon region, it is possible to make many scenic day trips from Rosedale Manor. Within the vicinity is the Backland Trail, Gooseberry Cove, Ship Harbour where the Atlantic Charter was signed, Long Harbour and Cape St Mary's Ecological Reserve. The Cape Shore Tour links with other Scenic Tours - the Irish Loop Drive, the Baccalieu Trail, and Ripple Pond in the Avalon Wilderness Reserve.

If you are arriving from the ferry or airport or heading off on a day tour of the Avalon area, be prepared for a comfortable and quiet Newfoundland Bed and Breakfast serving you a cup of tea and homemade baking at the end of your day

Location of Rosedale Manor

The beautiful heritage home of Rosedale Manor is located on the waterfront in Placentia, Newfoundland. It is within a 10 minute drive to the Argentia Ferry terminal, and within a days round trip to many beautiful tourist areas. It is possible to spend the day touring, and return to the comfort of Rosedale Manor at the end of the day.

House History

In 1789 the town of Placentia was one of the most prosperous towns in Newfoundland. The local firm of Saunders and Sweetman had nineteen shallops at sea, and the firm was transporting dried cod to France, Spain and Portugal.

A mining engineer from England (Harry Verran), married Sweetman's granddaughter Mary, and the Verran House was built in 1893. The house remained in the Verran family until 1972, and had a series of owners before being sold to the town of Placentia. It was bought and renovated in 1989, at which time it opened its doors as Rosedale Manor B&B.

Rosedale Manor is an example of a Second Empire style house, with finely crafted exterior trim and three nicely detailed dormers projecting from its mansard roof. It is located on the waterfront close to an area that once held the old ships. The beautiful old roses on the property came from soil transported as ballast in the ships from Ireland.

The gardens have recently been updated with a pond and seating areas, so that visitors can sit and enjoy a cup of tea while watching boats pass by the front gate.

Rosedale Manor Bed and Breakfast
40 Orcan Drive, Placentia, Newfoundland Canada
Call us for more information at (877) 999-3613

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