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Newfoundland Activities

No matter what your interests are, there is lots to see and do on the Avalon Peninsula within a days round-trip of Rosedale Manor.

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The area surrounding Placentia, Newfoundland is both rich in history and beauty. There are wonderful walking trails only minutes from Rosedale Manor for both the novice and experienced hiker. For an evening or morning walk, there is the boardwalk along the Great Beach a hike up Castle Hill, or a visit to the top of Cemetery Hill where views of Placentia are breathtaking.

For those that hope to see a moose, and experience more of the birds, flora and fauna of the area, a 5 minute drive to the Backland Trails at Argentina is a must. This will expose you to trails of all levels, and incredible views of Newfoundland’s beautiful rugged coast.


Rosedale Manor has linked with a local kayak company that offers all levels of kayaking. There is no better way to get a close hand view of the marine life and scenic beauty of Newfoundland than from the water. Kayaking tours are available between the months of June and September. Sea and Rock Adventures provides fully trained paddling guides - no paddling experience is necessary. They have the skills and equipment available to get you on the water and rest assured, their guides are CRCA certified and have first aid training. The cost is minimal for the experience. If you are interested in seeing some of their incredible photos of kayak tours, please visit the Sea and Rock Adventures Web Site.

Enjoy a day of kayaking or hiking and retire to the comfort of Rosedale Manor at the end of the day.


While having your breakfast or sitting in the garden you can watch the osprey, eagles, and gulls fish in the ocean in front of Rosedale Manor. Some of the regular feeders at Rosedale’s bird feeders are blue jays, goldfinch, nuthatches, chickadees, juncos and sparrows. Across the water the crows, hawks, and ravens give a constant display of “air tag”. Binoculars are always available at the breakfast table.

After breakfast, a 45 minute drive takes you to the bird sanctuary at Cape St. Mary’s Ecological Reserve where 40,000 + gannets roost and nest on a sea stack just off the cliffs. Take your binoculars, and be prepared to see more birds than you have ever been close to before in your life. Below the 400ft cliffs you should be able to spot murres, kittiwakes, razorbills, guillemots, and cormorants among the other sea birds diving for fish if you bring binoculars or a spotting scope. Have Rosedale pack you a picnic lunch, or stop by at the Gannets Nest Restaurant and spend the day indulging yourself in the coastal scenery and birds.

Always remember that Rosedale Manor awaits the weary traveler at the end of the day with evening tea and comfort.

Whale Watching and Fishing Charters

While enjoying the birds and cliffs of Cape St. Mary’s Ecological Reserve, July visitors may be treated to sightings of feeding pods of humpback, fin and minke whales.

Rosedale is presently working with local operators to have tours available in Placentia. At the present, a 40 minute drive to the Gannets Nest, will offer you whale watching and fishing charters. Please book through their website.


There are many golf courses in Newfoundland, offering all levels of expertise. There is both a 9 and 18 hole course within an hours drive, as well as a driving range 10 minutes drive from Rosedale Manor. The following website gives more options on courses:

Live Performances

Live Theatre by Tramore Festival of the Arts
Live Performances at Cape St. Mary’s
Live Theatre in Placentia
Interpretive Walking Tours in Placentia


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