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Along the southwest coast of the Avalon Peninsula, Argentia was named in 1904. Originally called Little Placentia, the village was established in 1831 when the first school and church were built under the direction of an Irish priest.

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Residents Displaced

In 1940 the United States Navy selected this location for it's fleet. This area was attractive due to the secure deepwater anchorage, railroad access and terrain that was ideal for an airfield. All of the local residents received notice on December 28, 1940 that they were to vacate the area as part of the lend-lease program and enforced by the Emergency Powers Defense Act. Most of the homes were bulldozed and burned to make way for the new military base. Many of the residents relocated to the nearby villages, including Placentia.

Atlantic Charter

On August 7, 1941 both the American heaver cruiser USS Augusta and the British warship HMS Prince of Wales met in Ship Harbour, Placentia Bay. They brought US president Franklin D. Rosevelt and British Prime Minister Winston Churchell together to negotiate and agree to the "Atlantic Charter", an important document that illustrated America's support for the United Kingdom. This agreement also is one of the first steps of the formation of the United Nations.

In 1943, with heavy involvement in Word War II, Argentia's population grew to over 10,000 American soldiers.

This area was completely returned to the Canadian government in 1994. Most of the buildings from the base have been removed, but bunkers and airstrips still remain.

Rosedale Manor Bed and Breakfast is located within the nearby town of Placentia.

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